Giving isn't just for Christmas

Giving isn't just for Christmas

06 Dec 2022 Posted By Kate Gibbs

It’s tremendously frustrating that despite the unquestionable fact that without the work carried out by the UK haulage and logistics industry, 24/7/365, there are still far too many detractors who cannot understand why HGVs should be seen on the streets of their towns or cities or, on occasion, driving past their own front door! Heaven forbid!

What these detractors fail to understand is that for a lot of operators, truck, and coach, and many of whom are our members, their businesses are about more than just moving goods and people from A to B – sometimes via C.

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving and receiving. But for many of these members it goes much further than that – they are giving back to the community – at home or further afield, all year round.

Letchworth-based Aztek Logistics is providing more than £10,000-worth of support for its local hospice, Garden House. 

The pandemic, and now the cost-of-living crisis means that all charities are going to need a helping hand and not just financially.

Thanks to the provision of space by Aztek the hospice can now store large amounts of event equipment it needs for its own fundraising initiatives.

This is not the first time Aztek has answered the call of local causes. At the height of the pandemic. In 2020, the company offered to receive and store essential PPE at its 120,000 sq. ft premises to ensure it remained safe and clean until it was needed to replenish stock levels at the local NHS East Ambulance facility.

Our coach members are also firm believers in charity beginning at home. The team at Stanley Travel based in the North East are long-time supporters of Heel and Toe, a charity that provides free conductive education therapy to children between six months to 19 years old.

The pandemic’s social distancing regulations had a massive effect on what coach operators were able to achieve as far as charitable work was concerned, but now they’re back and making up for lost time.

Stanley’s Travel has already pledged transport to the charity for trips to both the Edinburgh and Leeds Christmas markets and to several fundraising events.

Further afield we have members who still make regular trips to Ukraine, taking food and other vital supplies to those suffering from the impact of this year’s Russian invasion.

I’ve only touched on a few acts of goodwill here, but I would very much like to make this a regular piece in Roadway.

The one thing that these individuals and companies have in common is that they aren’t looking for recognition – they just see something that needs to be done and they do it.

So, if you are aware of a company or individual that you think deserves recognition for an act of kindness or charity, please get in touch and let us know.

Finally, next time you’re talking to someone who just wants to complain about the industry, it’s a great opportunity to tell them what it gives back. I wonder if they will be able to say the same?

In the meantime, have a happy Christmas everyone and here’s to a very good and positive New Year.

Richard Smith

Managing Director

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