RHA Messenger 05 July

5th July 2017

8 benefits to joining the RHA’s Truck Cartel claim

There are real benefits for operators in joining the RHA’s group claim against the Truck Cartel:

  • The RHA is highly respected within industry – its significant clout and power will help to negotiate a fair settlement
  • Claimants can “stand behind” the RHA which is fronting the legal case
  • The RHA is acutely aware that operators will continue to have business dealings with truck manufacturers after the claim and will conduct proceedings in a measured and constructive manner but with a view to achieving a fair settlement for operators
  • The RHA will be able to tailor the claim to the circumstances of different-sized operators and operators working across different sectors
  • The RHA has secured third-party litigation funding on very competitive terms and so there is no cost to operators in signing up
  • The RHA has appointed first-rate legal team who have worked for organisations such as FIA, FIFA, Google, GSK, Samsung, Sky, and UEFA
  • The RHA has put in place multi-million pound insurance in case the claim is lost – the insurance protects the RHA and individual operators
  • The RHA will not profit from acting as representative, thereby maximising the amount of compensation returned to operators

See more and join the RHA Truck Cartel claim here > https://www.truckcartellegalaction.com/


Pioneering project from RHA and Close Brothers

The RHA and Close Brothers Asset Finance have joined forces to launch a pioneering programme to help smaller firms to take on young driver apprentices.

Close Brothers will contribute to the cost of apprentices at 20 RHA member firms with fewer than 20 vehicles. The project is part of the RHA’s commitment to leading a transformation in the way that the industry recruits and trains HGV drivers and other workers.

An application form for the ‘RHA/Close Brothers SME Apprentice Scheme – 20/20’ can be downloaded here Members can contact deputy policy director Colin Snape at c.snape@rha.uk.net on this or other apprenticeship matters.

Press release HERE

RHA and HMRC have crunch talks on overnight allowances 

The RHA and HMRC met this afternoon (Wednesday) on overnight allowances. The meeting was held in a spirit that was constructive and aimed at moving forward.

Very real differences remain in terms of what the law requires and how it is applied by HMRC; and we are awaiting clarification of key points of confusion, including the sums of expense actually incurred that are acceptable.

Both sides agreed to consider these issues urgently. We regret that we cannot say more at this stage but we are determined to do what we can to get a result that works for the industry.

Dislike the Lorry

The Campaign For Better Transport says the public wants the government to spend more money moving freight off the roads and onto the rail network. It has published a survey that says that 63% of people polled want such funding – slightly more, oddly, than the number of want to see more freight go by rail (61%).

The lobby group repeats its argument that lorries are subsidised by government. Find the opinion poll HERE.

Telling DVSA what you think

DVSA is researching HGV operators’ views on the organisation. It has done some face-to-face interviews and is doing telephone interviews, using an independent research company, over the next few weeks. The RHA encourages members to take part. 

Employment tax status Q&A

HMRC’s employment status policy team has agreed the content of a brief Q&A, which may be of help to members in seeing the practical application of HMRC rules. It reflects questions commonly asked and was first presented at the Transport, Warehousing and Distribution Group meeting last week.

We continue to have very constructive engagement with HMRC on this issue. See the Q&A HERE.

Dover approaches speed limit changes

Work to improve journeys for drivers on the A20 approaching the Port of Dover is making good progress, Highways England says.

It unveiled one of 29 new electronic signs that are being installed along the road in the coming weeks and will enable the speed limit on the road to be raised from 40mph to the national speed limit.

Thumbs-down to early ULEZ

The RHA has repeated its opposition to the early introduction of the Utra-low Emission Zone in London, which it says is mis-guided. It will make little difference to air quality but will add significant costs to people and firms in London.

Our opposition comes in response to the latest consultation. Press release HERE.

Driverless trucks maybe – but when?

“Managing the Transition to Driverless Freight Transport” is an important new report in which questions about timescale unanswered.

The report, from organisations representing governments, vehicle manufacturers, unions and employers, states that “driverless trucks could be a regular presence on many roads within the next ten years” but later is more cautious: “driverless operation on open roads…is at least a realistic prospect in coming decades and therefore demands attention”.

The report urges taxpayer funding for research and regulatory reform. It also says that there should be a plan related to HGV driver redundancies. The report can be seen HERE