RHA Messenger 25 October

25th October 2017

Brexit: Government to Recruit 1,500 Staff

Recently the RHA called on the Government to “crack on” with the needed recruitment in customs so they have the resources to handle future customs arrangements when Brexit happens. It is reassuring to some extent that we are starting to see recruitment, although at this time it is 300 border staff.

Policy Director Duncan Buchanan said: “It is reassuring that recruitment has started, including 300 border force staff. However, customs is going to be a highly technical challenge for the Government and business once customs formalities come in between the UK and the EU – it is our belief that the recruitment needs to start urgently so that customs are able to provide business with the level of service it needs – be that in March 2019 or in March 2021.”


RHA Website Update

Last week we experienced a problem with our website – as result we temporarily reverted to an old version of the site. This week we undertook a planned modernisation of our website - view it HERE.

Unfortunately some documents on the website are yet to be restored – this will be done over the next 10 days.


DfT Call for Information on Road Safety 

The Department for Transport is undertaking a Road Safety Management Capacity review.  The review seeks to understand current road safety activity and views on future road safety improvements.

As part of this review they are seeking information from road haulage managers with responsibility for activities relating to road safety.  A five minute questionnaire can be found HERE

The deadline for responses is Friday 3 November .


Lobbying on EU 45 Hour In-Cab Rest Rules

The RHA has been lobbying Members of the European Parliament on the proposals by the European Commission to ban 45 hour rests in-cab across Europe. We have advocated an alternative approach that would allow in-cab weekly rests where they are taken in secure lorry parking areas with facilities to shower, obtain foods and to do laundry.

Commenting, Policy Director Duncan Buchanan said, “Many of the MEPs met understood that we need a proportionate approach that supports both the needs of business and the welfare of drivers – in particular those engaged in long distance international transport.”  


Haulage Company Fined After Worker Killed

An Essex-based road haulage firm has been fined after an employee was crushed between two articulated vehicles and subsequently died from his injuries.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into the incident, which occurred on 20 October 2015, found that YCT Limited failed to implement safe systems of work or monitoring arrangements to ensure that its drivers were consistently undertaking coupling and uncoupling operations safely, in line with widely available industry guidance. As a result of this, a culture developed whereby its drivers were not always applying trailer parking brakes.

The RHA is a strong advocate of health and safety and urges its members to implement and monitor safe systems of work to prevent vehicle runaways so that tragic incidents can be avoided.


Do You Know the Height of the Blackwall Tunnel?

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a campaign in collaboration with Eurotunnel to remind drivers of the Blackwall Tunnel’s height restrictions. The tunnel is a key river crossing in London which is disrupted on average 30 times a month by overheight vehicles and breakdowns. In 2015, overheight vehicle incidents at the tunnel were estimated to have caused delays costing more than £3m. 

Blackwall’s northbound tunnel height limit is 4m, lower than the southbound tunnel’s 4.8m limit and lower compared to other London tunnels and river crossings e.g. Dartford Tunnels.

TfL wants RHA members to help them to reduce the number of incidents, details on key information regarding the Tunnel and alternative route options is available HERE.