RHA Messenger 15 November

15th November 2017

RHA calls A20 lay-by parking ban dangerous

The RHA has written to Kent County Council claiming that the latest parking restrictions put in place around Ashford undermine road safety in the area.

We have asked them to urgently modify the parking restrictions in the A20 area so that drivers can take rests of at least two hours at all times, seven days per week in all lay-by areas on the A20.

Tom Cotton, Head of Licensing and Infrastructure Policy and the RHA said: “Failure for any lorry driver to rest at all between 20:00 and 07:00 during the week and all weekend in lay-bys undermines road safety – it is dangerous to force drivers to continue trips when tired.

"The ban is dangerous and unfair on operators and drivers who are simply doing their job – collecting and delivering the goods needed by the people of Kent.”

The RHA does not support the blanket ban on overnight parking given the lack of facilities for drivers in the area. As a first step we believe restrictions should be immediately modified so that parking for at least two hours is permitted at any time. This will allow drivers to take their statutory 45 minute safety rest breaks.


Air Quality: Do You Know the Facts?

With so many questions arising about air quality issues, the RHA has published a short fact sheet on air quality.

The fact sheet highlights that NOx emissions from the lorry fleet are falling sharply and that across the UK lorries accounted for just 10% of NOx in London in 2013 (before EURO VI was introduced).

The fact sheet is available HERE.


RHA Appointed Apprenticeship Assessors

For some months now we have been completing an online application through the Education and Skills Funding Agency, to become an End Point Assessment (EPA) Organisation.

This would enable the RHA to assess the end of an apprenticeship for the new Large Goods Vehicle Driver Apprenticeship, which is a new requirement for apprenticeships.

After completing the application process, we can now report that the RHA have been appointed an EPA organisation.

We will be developing training and assessment material that can be used by members over the coming months.

If you require further information please contact Colin Snape.


Is Your Brake Testing Up to Standard?

Brake performance testing should be a key part of your maintenance regime that needs to happen at every safety inspection.

If you find any braking performance problems while the vehicle or trailer is in use, you’ll need to get a measured brake efficiency test before you use the vehicle again.

For further information please check HERE.


London Mayor Wants Zero Emissions in 2050

The RHA attended the London Freight Forum hosted by TfL last week. Speakers included Mike Brown, Commissioner for Transport, who explained that having zero emission traffic by 2050 is the Mayor’s number one priority.

Highlighted targets included no road fatalities caused by buses by 2030 and no fatalities at all by 2041.

Another ambition is to create a ULEZ within the boundary of the North and South Circular Roads for cars and across the whole of London for lorries (this is subject to “consultation” – but seems to be committed to by the Mayor).

Tim Ward continued on the theme of healthy streets, restating the Mayor's aspiration for 80% of journeys being undertaken on foot, by cycle, or public transport and reducing freight traffic by 10% by 2026. TfL will be altering road layouts (taking space away from motorised vehicles).

Sue Terpilowski from the FSB talked about small business and how important it is for business to have vehicle access to their premises.  


Do You Want Better Parking Facilities?

The RHA has noticed a recent petition supporting the provision of toilet facilities for drivers. For those who may wish to sign the petition it can be found HERE.

Over 12,000 people have signed the petition which is addressed to the Prime Minister.