Roadwayupdate 17 January

17th January 2018

Fines for Ignoring Red X Signs

From March, fines and penalty points will be imposed for road users ignoring red X signs of smart motorways. More details can be found here.


Clampdown on Emission Cheats

The DVSA has been testing lorries for compliance with emission standards since August last year.

Their targeted campaign has resulted in nearly 300 lorries with manipulation equipment being identified.

Fines have been imposed and operators found to be using manipulation devices will be reported to Traffic Commissioners.

The RHA has supported the initiative, further details are available here.


Aberdeen Freight Routing Suvery

The Nestrans transport partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire is undertaking a study into freight routing and how it will be affected with the opening of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR). The aim is to improve movement in and around Aberdeen.

In order to support the movement of goods in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, for both hauliers as well as retailers, Nestrans is seeking views on the current strategy and on the potential improvements.

With the opening of the AWPR later this year, roads that are currently recommended for freight vehicles will change - an understanding of where freight needs to travel will help freight access rather than impose restrictions that will hamper movement. They are also seeking views about the potential for operating a consolidation centre near Aberdeen.

The survey is open until the 26 January and is available here.


EU 45 Hour Cab Rest Ban

We have information that enforcement of the ban on 45 hour rests taken in cab will be taking place in the following EU Member States: Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and now the Netherlands.

The most recent advice from the Netherlands is that from the 15 January 2018 breaches of the rules will result in a Euro 1,500 fine.

Other member states may well introduce similar measures – we will advise further when information becomes available.

To avoid fines operating internationally full weekly rests must be taken away from the drivers cab (they envisage a hotel). Enforcement authorities will be looking for evidence that the rest has been appropriately.

Please note that enforcement authorities will look for compliance on at least the most recent weekly rest – regardless of where the rest has been taken. We have a report of Belgian enforcement on an in-cab rest taken in another Member State.

UK enforcement is not changing, full weekly rests in-cab will still be allowed if taken in lorry parking facilities.


Direct Vision Standards

The RHA responds to many consultations on behalf of members. We want to improve the impact of our responses by obtaining direct feedback from members and by encouraging members to respond directly to selected consultations.

In future, for selected consultations, we will be providing members with a short overview of the consultation, a summary of the initial RHA view, a short series of questions to feedback to us and a link to the consultation if members wish to respond directly.

The first of these selected consultations deals with the London Proposal to require all lorries entering London to obtain a permit (to support Direct Vision Standards). The Permit / Direct Vision document is available here.


Take Part in the A46 Study 

Midlands Connect are undertaking a study into the A46 corridor and its role as a strategic corridor for freight, logistics and deliveries; now and in the future.

The consultants want to understand how the A46 route currently performs and how it can cater for future demand. They are focusing on the section between Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire through the Midlands to Grimsby in Lincolnshire.

Members with an interest in the route can access the survey here.