RoadwayUpdate 17 July

17th July 2019

McCulla takes the reins at RHA Annual Lunch

Newly appointed to the role of RHA Chairman, Ashley McCulla took a moment to speak exclusively with RoadwayTV at the RHA Annual Lunch.

Whilst taking the baton from the former chairman, Andrew Howard might seem like a nerve-racking task, Ashely was looking forward to getting stuck into the role.

The new chairman expressed his ambitions to get hands-on and reach out to members across the Association.

“One of the biggest things I would like to do is reach out to new members, to the smaller members, to the grassroots, the place where I feel I come from.”

Get the full story on RoadwayLive or watch the full episode of RoadwayTV right here.


DfT reviews roads policing

DfT has announced a review of roads policing as part of its Road Safety Action Plan.

The review will be looking at:

  • How roads policing currently works and its effectiveness
  • Where improvements could be made, or gaps bridged
  • How the police and different agencies work together and share information
  • It will involve a pilot scheme, which could be running from 2020.
  • This review aims to improve road safety and reduce road casualties.

This review comes after the RHA’s lobbying of the National Police Chiefs Council, Highways England, the Home Office and the DfT.

You can read the full roads policing review announcement online.


Attacks on hauliers continue on the continent

RHA MD of Policy and Public affairs, Rod McKenzie, has spoken out on BBC Radio Kent about attacks on hauliers.

Rod has called for a more robust immigration system to be put in place, to help reduce the number of migrants in northern France resorting to attacking lorries to gain access to the vehicle and Britain. 

Read the full story on RoadwayLive.

RHA press executive, Paul Mummery wants to hear from anyone who has footage or images of migrant attacks on the continent. The media’s currently covering migrants crossing the Channel in boats, so it’s a good opportunity for the RHA to draw their attention to trucks.

National media has run our stories over the last year all because members supplied the ammunition. Contact Paul by email.

If you’ve been targeted by migrants or witnessed an incident call the RHA’s dedicated helpline: (+44) 1274 863 111. 


Newark lorry park completed

Newark’s lorry park expansion is complete, adding 200 vehicle spaces. There are shower facilities, a restaurant serving homemade food and a lorry wash. ANPR-activated gates provide an additional layer of security.

The RHA welcomes this expansion, which comes after tireless campaigning.

But there is still a lot to be done, with a national nightly lorry parking deficit of around 11,000 spaces.

The RHA is calling for more safe and secure parking and will assist developers with planning applications.


Haulier loses ‘O’ Licence

West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, Nick Denton, has recently revoked an Operator Licence where the holder attempted to deceive both DVSA and the Traffic Commissioner.

This followed a breach of drivers’ hours where the operator incurred a prohibition and then tried to defend his actions with a fabricated story involving a third party.

Mr Denton revoked the company's licence, disqualified the operator, transport manager and director for three years.

Read latest Traffic Commissioner decisions on their website.


RHA’s  75thanniversary video

To celebrate the Association’s 75thanniversary, RHA video producer Kela Kay created a jaw-dropping film for the Annual Lunch. Watch the full video below!

But the RHA’s media department didn’t stop there. Reporter Tom Geggus went behind the scenes to find out just what it takes to put a shoot of this size together. Read the full story on RoadwayLive.