RoadwayUpdate 3 July

3rd July 2019

Six urgent Brexit actions

The RHA has called on the government to undertake six urgent actions to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

The RHA is calling for:

  • Clear guidance on how the whole end-to-end journey will operate
  • New and substantial customs facilities for transit to be opened or authorised
  • A consolidated, simplified import safety and security declaration system
  • Online customs training for traders
  • Lorry holding facilities such as Operation Brock to be fit for purpose (in particular to support driver welfare)
  • The planned 22 percent tariff on new trucks to be abolished.

The list is only designed to mitigate the immediate impacts and isn’t comprehensive.

The full details can be viewed online. A summary is also contained in an RHA press notice.


Bristol Clean Air Zone consultation

Bristol City Council has announced a series of consultation events on their plans to introduce a clean air zone (CAZ). In one option lorries could be hit by a £100 daily charge.

The RHA recommends hauliers in the area attend these events. The times, dates and locations of the sessions are available on the RoadwayLive app.

The RHA is critical of the way clean air zones are being applied under the direction of DEFRA and the Department for Transport. The Association is calling for a rethink from Government. 

The current approach targets some road users (usually freight operators) and not others who contribute far more to air quality problems. 


Firms left unprepared for ‘no-deal’

RHA Managing Director of policy and public affairs, Rod McKenzie, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that British firms have been left unprepared for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

"We're not ready, as things stand, for 31 October," Rod said. "It is simply not clear what haulage companies, logistics companies, importers and exporters need to do to get ready".

You can catch the full story on RoadwayLive.


RHA calls for action on A34

Rhys Williams, RHA area manager, told BBC Radio Oxford that the A34 needs urgent upgrades.

Rhys said, "The RHA has offered solutions, including adding a crawler lane where possible – and it is possible at several places along the A34. But in an idea world it would be four lanes, from the M40 to the M4.

There is a huge impact on hauliers and the industry every time the A34 is closed, which is happening every few days. Read more on RoadwayLive.


EU Commission – new rules coming

The European Commission has instigated the ‘Mobility Package’, with the aim of “taking action for a fundamental modernisation of European mobility and transport”.

Road haulage rules are a significant part of this. Drivers hours, working time, access to the profession, posting of workers, road user charging and various other issues are all part of the package.

Drivers taking full weekly rest periods (45hrs or more) will not be able to take rest periods in the cab. Employers will be responsible for paying for any accommodation if not at home.  There is a proposal that that will give the driver ‘the right to return home or delegated place’ to take their full weekly rest at least once in a four-week period.

This process will be a long one, with applications probably opening late 2021 or 2022. But the RHA is looking forward and outlining some of the proposals being suggested.

Further information is available from the Commission.


Glasgow festival disruption

Glasgow City Council has released detailed information about vehicle movement restrictions which will be in place during the TRNSMT festival from 12 July to 14 July.

Any operators entering Glasgow need to be aware of the road closures and restriction. More info can be found on RoadwayLive.