Ashford Clamping: What You Need to Know

16th November 2017

The RHA are incredibly frustrated by the clamping trial in Ashford, and we are campaigning for this to be stopped or for adequate parking to be created.

Many people are unclear about the new rules, so we spoke to Kent County Council to get some answers - here's what we found out:

Q: What is the fine level?
A: The fine level is £70 PCN with a 50% reduction if paid within 14 days.

Q:Who is issuing the fine – Council, Police, DVSA or the Clamping company?
A: The PCN is issued by Ashford Borough Council.

Q: How much is the clamp release fee?
A: The clamp release fee is £40.

Q: When will the clamping company release the vehicle?
A: The clamp is released as soon as possible. Usually within 20 minutes of payment.

Q: Will the driver be given the option of moving on before being clamped?
A: Yes, the driver is given the option to move. The aim is to prevent HGV parking in contravention not to clamp a vehicle.

Q: Will they be following any Code of Practice / Protocol?
A: HGVs parked in contravention of this Order will be issued a £70 fixed Penalty Notice (PCN). The HGV will also be clamped on each and every occasion that they park in contravention of this order.

The only exceptions are:
o HGVs parked in such a position that clamping them and thus immobilising them would impede the free flow of traffic or cause a danger to other road users.
o HGVs parked obstructing any access point to premises.
o HGVs parked in a turning area where clamping them would obstruct the turning area.
o HGVs carrying livestock.
o HGVs carrying perishable goods. (except in refrigerated units)
o HGVs displaying a valid Blue Badge.
In any other circumstance other than those described above and after considering all the relevant circumstances ABC will decided if it is appropriate or not to clamp an HGV.