Government says no to code of conduct for truckers from bosses

Government says no to code of conduct for truckers from bosses

22 Nov 2022 Posted By Kate Gibbs

The Government has responded to a range of suggestions from the Transport Select Committee – coming out clearly against their suggestion that there should be a binding code of conduct to set minimum standards for the treatment of HGV drivers for employers and others.

It said while it supported efforts to improve driver conditions changes - like a code of conduct - would need to be “industry led”

Ministers were also non-committal on the Transport Select Committee’s proposal that a levy should be put on parts of the supply chain if the industry failed to deliver enough drivers and parking facilities within two years. They said “all taxes will be kept under review.”

The RHA was concerned that hard pressed SME members might end up paying the levy – further increasing their cost burden. The RHA believes that better lorry parking facilities are badly needed but points out that member companies don’t have the funds to build them, even if planning permission were granted.

On DCPC – the government said it’s “actively working on” means of reforming it so it’s not as barrier to entry or a reason why experienced drivers quit. That review, will, it added be published “in due course”.

The RHA is campaigning for better roadside facilities for drivers. Sign the petition.

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