Survey reveals driver dissatisfaction with roads

8th November 2018

Thirty-five percent of road users in a poll have said they’re not satisfied with Highways England’s management of roadworks.

Watchdog Transport Focus asked more than 8,000 road users how they felt about motorways and major ‘A’ roads managed by Highways England in their Strategic Roads User Survey.

The picture is even more stark in the South East where just 51 percent of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their management of this activity.

The results follow a Transport Focus survey published last week where only 52% of hauliers and coach operators who responded said they were satisfied with the quality of major ‘A’ roads and motorways.

Road Haulage Association chief executive, Richard Burnett said that it’s time Highways England put road users at the heart of what they do. “When it comes to roadworks or dealing with incidents — it appears that the needs of the people and haulage businesses using the network are put last.

“We need quicker roadworks and incident management and vastly improved parking and lay-by facilities for lorries.”


Notes for editors

Transport Focus chief executive, Anthony Smith launches the Strategic Roads User Survey results for April to August 2018 at the Highways UK conference in Birmingham on Wednesday 7 November.