EU Drivers' Hours

Drivers of all commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes permissible maximum weight (pmw), must comply with strict rules governing driving time, break periods and daily/weekly rest periods.

These rules apply to ensure public safety and are strenuously enforced by the police and the DVSA. Offenders will be dealt with severely by the courts and Traffic Commissioners’ Transport Regulation Unit.

Operators and drivers are required to:

•    Clearly understand the drivers’ hours and working time rules

•    Know which set of rules apply to them – this is dependent on the vehicle being driven or the nature of the operation

•    Comply fully with the driving time limits, break periods as well as daily/weekly rest.

EU Drivers’ Hours Regulations (EC) 561/2006

The EU Drivers’ Hours rules apply to owners and drivers of goods vehicles who use the road for the carriage of goods in connection with a trade or business that are over 3.5 tonnes permissible maximum weight (pmw) and are not exempt.  This would include the weight of any trailer drawn.  They apply to journeys within the UK and to other EU or European Economic Area (EEA) countries such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

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Further information

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