Avoiding congestion made easier with new Transport for London live traffic news

Avoiding congestion made easier with new Transport for London live traffic news

•    A further step from the Mayor and Transport for London in the battle to reduce jams

•    Images and information to help drivers avoid potential congestion at www.tfl.gov.uk/trafficnews

•    Live travel news on dedicated TfLTwitter feed

Drivers in London can now find out where traffic is busy, or may become congested, before they hit the road, with the Mayor and Transport for London's new range of enhanced travel information for road users, which identifies traffic hotspots and makes congestion easier to avoid. The new information tool will sit alongside other interventions to smooth traffic flow, such as the tighter regulation of roadworks, to help prevent long queues in the Capital.

By simply visiting the Transport for London website (www.tfl.gov.uk/trafficnews), motorists can now gain a bird's eye view of London's traffic hotspots to see where traffic is building up and which areas to avoid. This includes access to a network of 170 'jam cams', as well as information on incidents that may effect their journey. A live Twitter feed, @TFL TrafficNews, will also carry up to the minute information, and particular roads and routes are searchable using hashtags (#).

This live traffic news data is also being made freely available to all software and app developers, and all providers of live travel news are urged to get their information straight from the source so that motorists have access to the most accurate and up-to-the-minute traffic information.

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