Driver Licence Checks

Driver Licence Checks

Almost every business has employees who drive on their behalf. This could be drivers of company cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, or even staff posting company mail on the way home. All of which constitute making the business trips and journeys for their employer. But are they legally licensed to do so?

  • When did you last check your employees’ driving licences?
  • Do you have a policy for regularly checking licences?
  • Have you identified “At Risk” drivers?
  • Would you know if any drivers lost their driving licence through totting up points, drink and drug offences, dangerous driving, or illness?
  • Do those who drive LGV or PCV vehicles still have a valid licence entitlement to do so?

What will RHA Licence Check do for you?

RHA Licence Check enables you to fulfil your obligations very simply and cost effectively; it offers companies a safeguard against possible fines, prosecution or financial exposure from un-licensed or un-entitled drivers.

From only £3.50 for members and £4.50 for non-members per check


This service not only offers protection, it removes the time consuming administrative burden of periodically checking employee’s hard copy driving licences and manages the process by obtaining permission to check licences direct with the DVLA, while covered by the Data Protection Act.

RHA Licence Check translates meaningless licensing code into user-friendly reports, including:

  • Global company
  • Driver risk and monitoring
  • Action monitoring
  • Re-checks

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