About Membership

About Membership

The RHA has been looking after its members for more than 75 years. During this time we’ve learned a great deal, not just how to provide the support they need but also how to represent them and their businesses. The services we offer help our members deliver continuous and effective  management of their operations while at the same time protecting their commercial interests. Our conditions of carriage are regarded as the industry standard and protect members by limiting their liability under common law and our national helpdesk is there to answer the burning questions about a raft of issues from regulatory compliance to employment law.

Our policy team work closely with the Governments and their agencies in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast as well as local authorities across the UK. We ensure members voices are heard on national issues as well as local roads policy. Whether you are having problems with Direct Vision Standards in London or overgrown trees in Antrim then our team are there to help.

Each type of membership has a set of benefits tailor-made to suit your needs, all designed to make your day just that little bit easier. You can be safe in the knowledge that at the end of a phone line you have an area manager there to personally support you and a wealth of services to help and protect your business resilience.

By making an offer to purchase any of the RHA’s membership services you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions set out in the RHA’s Articles of Association, Rules and Code of Conduct (in each case, as updated from time to time, available upon request).