Encouraging investment in roads, new technology and connectivity for economic growth.

It is a fundamental need for the UK economy that goods can be moved to meet the needs of people and businesses in an efficient and predictable way.

Road haulage and coach tourism is critical to keeping our economy and supply chains running all year round.  The UK economy is reliant on the efficient and predictable movement of goods and people to meet the needs of UK consumers and businesses.

The current levels of road congestion result in unpredictable and longer journey times which leads to decreased productivity, increased emissions, more unnecessary cost, and damages the competitiveness of the UK economy. Maintaining investment in road infrastructure is vital for the economy, and ultimately the environment.

Recent survey findings from watchdog Transport Focus show that less than half of lorry and coach companies are satisfied with England’s major roads. Overall motorway satisfaction in the freight sector sits at around 49 percent, below 2020-21 levels at 55 percent. This is deeply concerning. National Highways must place greater priority on the experience of users. Progress can be made here through increased satisfaction measures on the issues most important to users, such as improved road surfaces; better information about roadworks, unplanned disruptions and unplanned delays.

The RHA is campaigning for the UK and devolved governments and local authorities to maintain and extend commitments to long-term investment in the road system – on the strategic road network, the major road network, and other major local roads.

Our key asks on infrastructure are:

  • Establish RHA’s involvement in the next Road Investment Strategy
  • Develop an industry list of required road improvements and bridge upgrades
  • Increase green fuelling infrastructure
  • A fairer funding settlement for road maintenance for local authorities
  • Better inclusion of the needs of road haulage in local planning

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