The RHA skills campaign will be a holistic series of activities to attract new talent into the logistics industry by showcasing career opportunities, raising awareness of the skills shortage, and improving access to funding for training.

The campaign will also highlight RHA apprenticeships and training courses and our proactive role as a major training provider.

We will work with RHA members, local and national political leaders, governments, training providers, charities, and the wider industry building a coalition of support.

Whilst the campaign will feature communications and promotional activity, it will most importantly focus on the practical steps and policy interventions required to overcome the skills shortage, remove the barriers preventing people from joining the sector and improve the image of the industry to make it a more attractive employment option. It will focus on increasing diversity within the sector ensuring the activity resonates with the people it intends to attract.




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The campaign will:

  • Attract new people into the logistics industry, highlighting the wide-ranging career opportunities available and RHA apprenticeships on offer
  • Retain logistics employees by improving working conditions and training requirements
  • Raise awareness of the skills shortage and actions that can be taken to address it
  • Improve access to Government funding to support training


The campaign will support the 6 pillars of RHA’s strategy, promoting us as the go-to organisation for driving business on our roads:

  • Membership - create a highly engaged membership, telling our members’ stories across all 4 nations and across all 3 membership categories.
  • People – engaging our workforce, showcasing their talent, developing skills.
  • Business Growth – increase RHA’s presence, leading to new opportunities to generate growth
  • Brand & Campaigning – increase our brand value
  • Public Affairs & Policy – broaden and deepen our influence with decision makers
  • Finance – contribute to increasing our bottom line