Tachograph Analysis

Tachograph Analysis

Designed for haulage and coach operations, RHA Analysis enables you to keep on top of your tachograph reporting and compliance requirements. 

The service provides Operations offices with a powerful reporting tool that can work across multiple depots, drivers and vehicles, and can be used for both digital and analogue tachographs. 

Organisations can use RHA Analysis to provide the authorities with the information they require to avoid infringements and DVSA penalties. 

This fully web-based software solution includes our free WalkMe functionality, making RHA Analysis more user-friendly than ever before.

WalkMe is an intuitive online help function for users of RHA Analysis and the Daily Defect App. With its dynamic step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, this new feature has been designed to guide RHA Analysis users when using the software. 

In short, WalkMe unlocks the potential of RHA Analysis, enabling users to manage your tachograph and compliance requirements more effectively. It’s like having your own personal helpdesk expert at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Use WalkMe to: 

  • Maximise the features of RHA Analysis
  • Simplify the use of RHA Analysis
  • Get instant answers and cut time spent contacting the help desk
  • Reduce training time
  • Quicker software set-up time
  • Get alerts on tool tips and new product features

For More Information:

Features of RHA Analysis: 

  • Earned Recognition report
  • Multi-site control features
  • Secure online documentation management
  • Secure digital signature capability
  • Time management and rota tool
  • Driver portal tracking infringements
  • Unlimited vehicle downloads
  • Unlimited online data storage
  • Tachograph infringement and faults reporting
  • Integration with RHA Daily Defect App

You can view the Tachograph Analysis Agreement and Terms and Conditions here.