What are we trying to achieve?

Attract new people into the industry

Improve working conditions and training

Raise awareness of the skills shortage and solutions 

Improve access to Government funding to support training
Secure more lorry and coach parking 

Improve the standard of driver facilities
Champion the move towards net zero vehicles and technology

Help our members make the journey towards net zero

Reduce our carbon footprint

Key Messages

We are committed to working with governments, training, and education providers to make a career in logistics an attractive option - creating the next generation of home-grown drivers. 

We face a chronic driver shortage in  the UK, that without further action from both Government and industry risks putting the brakes on our economic recovery. 
Commercial vehicle drivers are the backbone of our economy yet every day they are up against a lack of safe and secure parking areas without access to toilet and shower facilities where they can rest while on the road.

We will not fully tackle the root causes of the driver shortage until driver facilities and welfare are significantly improved.

Local, regional, and national governments must recognise the importance of driver facilities. 
We are working with governments and key environmental stakeholders to ensure that our members are equipped with the support and knowledge they need to make the move towards net zero.  

Government must commit to creating a commercial vehicle decarbonization roadmap, accommodating the diversity of vehicle operators.

Clean Air Zone policy should be reformed so that there is a sufficient supply of “compliant” vehicles which accommodate the needs of all businesses, especially SMEs.

Get involved

Share any news, photos, and content with us about your employees  including those you have trained,  your own career journey, and those  of your team. 

Share campaign news and content  on your social media channels using the hashtag #RHAskills 
Sign our petition here 
Share any news, photos, and  content with us about roadside facilities in your area. We want to hear about the good and the bad,  what can be done to improve  facilities, and planning issues

If you have land available for  building a facility or are undertaking  to build, please let us know the details.
Share campaign news and content  on your social media channels using the hashtag #RHAfacilities
Share any news with us about changes to your vehicle fleets and any actions you are taking to reduce environmental impact.  

Share campaign news and content  on your social media channels using the hashtag #RHAenvironment

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