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Richard Smith

Managing Director

Rod McKenzie

Executive Director for Communications

Laura Taylor

HR Director

Chris Slater

Finance Director

Board of Directors

Moreton Cullimore


Moreton C Cullimore & Son Ltd

Moreton considers the RHA as the gold standard of the industry, with wide ranging advice and services for commercial vehicle operators and business providers of all types and sizes. In 10 years the industry will adapting and forging new technologies to remain current and compliant. It will inevitably be far more digitally focussed, far more efficient and no doubt will be the catalyst for major changes to the UK’s infrastructure and transport networks.

Emma Barber Collins


W H Barley Transport & Storage Ltd

W H Barley Transport & Storage Ltd have been RHA members since 1970. Key benefit to our membership is the reliable help and assistance, we get that covers all our business needs, including legal advice. In 10 years’ Emma is sure that W H Barley Transport & Storage will be preparing a fleet of electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Andrew Howard

Board of Directors

Howard Logistics Ltd.

As RHA chairman from 2017-2019, Andrew sees one of the key benefits of RHA membership as the ability to discuss with fellow operators and the RHAs own management team, the evolving challenges that businesses and the wider industry continues to face. Also, the opportunity to work with them to finding solutions. In 10 years, he sees the industry as becoming even more professional and hopefully, everyone in the industry will get the recognition that they deserve. 2021 sees P C Howard celebrate its 80th anniversary.

Bill Hockin

Board of Directors

William C Hockin (Transport) Ltd

William C Hockin (Transport) Ltd have been RHA members for 46 years. Bill sees the key benefits of our membership as being the ability to keep in touch with everything that’s going on in the industry. The RHA and the industry as a whole are going from strength to strength. In 10-years’ time Bill’s vision is to see a £25M turnover increasing reserves growth year on year.

Allen Rees

Board of Directors

Steve Ward

Board of Directors

Ward Brothers Malton Ltd

Ward Brothers Malton Ltd have been members of the RHA for over 25 years. Steve describes the RHA is the “go to place” for any help or advice you or your business might need. It’s a friendly arm around the Industry! Where does he see the industry in 10 years? Many more electric powered vehicles but larger trucks will be powered by hydrogen cells. This will cause us and the Government problems because they will see the duty on diesel diminishing and road user charging or some other money-making scheme will be imposed!

Barry Jordan

Board of Directors

Axle Haulage Ltd

Axle Haulage Ltd, have been an RHA member since the company’s inception in 1988. Barry recognises all the membership benefits but the most important as being the RHA Conditions of Carriage. In 10 years’, and for those that can afford it, the industry will be driven by alternative fuel systems and managed by Artificial Intelligence but still controlled by qualified transport managers. For those that cannot afford it will be same, but with more taxation.

Robert Wilcox

Board of Directors

Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd

Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd joined the RHA in 1954. He sees the key benefit of membership as being advice and assistance with the myriad of legislation involved in operating trucks both in the UK and Europe. Especially now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Networking and fellowship also have an important part to play. The industry in 10 years will have with even larger problems as regards driver recruitment “unless a miracle happens”

Ray Clegg

Board of Directors

Allan R Jones

Allan R Jones are members since 1990.

Gary Hughes

Board of Directors

Caledonian Logistics Ltd

Gary was employed by Caledonian Logistics Ltd as “Fleet Maintenance Manager” just under 4 years ago, now he oversees the management of all depots, dealing with all HR issues, training, investigations, etc. Previously worked for VOSA over 11 year so brings great industry knowledge and support to the company. The company currently has approx. 130 employees covering 6 sites, 65 vehicles on licence at the minute with an additional margin of 15. Caledonian Logistics have in the region of 20 members of staff going through various modern apprenticeships with the RHA and Gary sits on the Scottish and NI Council.

Scott McIntyre

Board of Directors

Stuart Nicol Transport Ltd

Scott is the Managing Director of Stuart Nicol Transport Limited with responsibility for wider business including Finance, Commercial, Compliance and Operational strategy. Business has £15m turnover with 120 employees, 90 of which are drivers. Currently running 68 vehicles with 150 trailers in service. Scott has around 25 years in Transport starting as a driver and worked up to senior positions in large 3PL type Businesses including Christian Salvesen, Norbert Dentressangle, Geodis and The Russell Group (Carntyne Transport). Scott has a degree in Business Management with 20 plus years experience in Management and sits on the Scottish and NI Council.

Brian Beattie

Board Of Directors

McCulla Ireland Ltd

Brian has been Operations Director of McCulla Ireland LTD , since 2003 the company currently employees 250+ staff And operates from 4 strategically placed sites across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Specializing in Transport, temperature controlled warehousing, and customs brokerage Running 100 trucks and 200 trailers , At McCulla we see the future of the heavy truck sector as Biodiesel and Hydrogen fuel cell our group company Alternity Biogas is already producing biogas from foodwaste which in turn powers our 16 Biogas tractor units Brian Sees RHA membership as vital in keeping up to date with developments in the industry as well as membership benefits such as legal services , and training As well as being on the RHA board of Directors , Brian also sits on the Scotland and Northern Ireland council

Paul Sanders

Board Of Directors

Association of Pallet Networks

Paul Sanders is Chairman of the Association of Pallet Networks, which he formed in 2006. He hopes to enable greater collaboration between APN and the RHA for the benefit of all members. Coming from five generations of transport professionals, he has been a regular and active member of central and previously regional RHA meetings for 36 years, holding several positions at sub-regional level, as well as serving as vice-chair for the Midlands and Western Regional Council. As Managing Director of Allports Group, an established Renault Trucks and Isuzu Distributor & Contract Hire and Rental Group, Paul sees decarbonisation as one the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Tim Wray

Board of Directors

Multimodal Logistics Ltd

With over 35 years’ experience working mainly in the container industry, being part of the RHA enables me to understand the common issues we are all facing across the wider transport community and to share ideas and best practice with others. I am proud to be part of an organisation that is able to take real life issues direct to Westminster and look to find solutions to help improve our industry and continue to promote the positive aspects of our sector.

Sam Fagan

Board of Directors

Fagan & Whalley Ltd

Geraint Davies

Board of Directors

John Raymond Transport Limited / Nolan Transport GB

Geraint, COO at John Raymond Transport Limited / Nolan Transport GB, has over 25 years’ experience in the sector in a variety of roles and is passionate about the industry and its people. Geraint has chaired the Logistics UK Welsh Freight Council, UK Council at Westminster, Vice-Chair of the IRTE / SOE Regional Group, Chair of the Wales Road Transport Advisory Group, is Chair of the RHA Wales Forum, and is now a Director on the RHA Board representing Wales.

Wendy Plimley

Board of Directors Associate