Transport for London’s code of practice for quieter out-of-hours deliveries

The 2012 Games will have an impact on delivery and servicing activity across London next summer.

In many cases, owing to temporary restrictions, it may only be possible to deliver between midnight and 06:00 for premises including shops, pubs, offices, hotels and restaurants.

This change will pose challenges to businesses, operators and London’s boroughs. Although many deliveries already occur ‘out-of-hours’ without causing problems, the increase in activity necessary during the Games will mean even greater attention will need to be paid to meeting the needs of businesses while minimising disruption to local residents.

To help organisations deal with this change, Transport for London (TfL) has developed a code of practice for out-of-hours delivery and servicing during the Games.


This code of practice is designed to provide businesses and delivery companies with simple, practical guidance on how to minimise noise from night-time deliveries. It is relevant to all sectors and is in three parts:

  • General guidance about what to consider

  • Measures to reduce noise at the delivery point

  • Measures for drivers

Businesses in London should ensure that staff, suppliers and carriers are aware of any changes in delivery profile and the reasons for them. Copies of the code of practice should be sent to all parties likely to be servicing their premises during the Games. It is particularly important that drivers are briefed as they play a critical role in minimising noise. It is recommended that a laminated copy of the code’s driver component is kept in the cab of vehicles delivering in London at night.

Click on the link below for full details:

quieter out-of-hours deliveries Transport for London’s code of practice for quieter out-of-hours deliveries

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