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What is it?
RHA Legal Services is a comprehensive legal advice, support and representation service available exclusively to members of the RHA. The new scheme is administered by Backhouse Jones Solicitors who, since the first Road Transport Act in 1930, have been a constant companion of the haulage industry, and with their truly industry specific expertise, could not be better placed to provide members with legal advice.

The Service is available to members, who have to pay a subscription fee subject to complying with simple terms and conditions.  Once signed up, members will be able to access comprehensive legal advice, assistance and representation from suitably qualified and industry specific lawyers.

Subscription fees are based on the number of commercial/goods carrying vehicles a member operates.  On joining or renewing a subscription, members must complete and submit an up-to-date list of vehicles, complete with registration numbers.

What are the benefits / why join?
RHA Legal Services provides members with peace of mind and comfort that their own legal adviser is literally ‘just a phone call away’.  Hindsight may be 20:20 vision but foresight is generally more profitable. RHA Legal Services minimises the distress, catastrophe and costs, compliance issues can create when left unchecked.

Industry specific advice
RHA Legal Services works on a basic principle:  if you depend on commercial road transport for the effective running of your business, it makes commercial sense to ensure you are fully compliant on every legal level and therefore advisable to sign up.  

Administered by Backhouse Jones, RHA Legal Services “delivers the ultimate package”.   Michael Cunningham, director of Backhouse Jones and a solicitor who has forged a strong alliance with the RHA and its members over the last thirty years comments, “...a mistake here, a poor decision there, can make or break an operator and for this reason, hauliers are well advised to surround themselves with legal advisers who can deliver the right decisions when the pressure is on.  

“Put simply; if you and your business are frustrated by compliance – whether that be dealing with employment issues, regulatory or prosecutions and looking for advice, RHA Legal Services is for you - it's simple and easy to use”.

Contact your regional office for more information. 

Click here to view the Legal Services Registration Form



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