Police issue warning to courier firms on vehicle theft risk

Police issue warning to courier firms on vehicle theft risk

13 Jan 2022 Posted By Paul Mummery

Kent Police has issued a warning to courier companies that they at risk of being targeted by criminals seeking to steal vehicles and their contents.

The police said that vehicles and contents could be targeted in a variety of ways, and to reduce the risk it was important to put extra protections in place for staff, vehicles, and deliveries.

Vehicle checks should include:

  • Ensuring all vehicles, alarms and locks are in good working order
  • Make sure alarms are set when appropriate
  • Consider a dash cam
  • Darkening vehicle windows
  • Installing a tracker
  • Reviewing additional security such as stopcocks
  • Installing locked boxes
  • Checking insurance is correct and appropriate
  • Never leaving vehicles running or keys in the ignition during deliveries
  • If you believe you are being followed, stay inside the vehicle, keep doors locked, keep moving and call the police when safe to do so
  • If a lone worker, arrange daily delivery routes with your employer – or if independent, a family member – and keep in regular contact with them
  • Vary your route for regular deliveries
  • Make sure mobile phones are fully charged before setting off
  • If something doesn’t feel right, do not make the delivery, and call your employer when safe to do so

Driver guidance should include:

We would remind members about reiterating to their drivers about vehicle security and leaving vehicles unlocked.

It is also important to ensure key security at depots as activity at busy premises may leave vehicles vulnerable to easy theft.

We also note that the DVSA also highlight vehicle theft which are then used in either illegal or terrorist activities.

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