IRTEC Accreditation
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IRTEC Accreditation for HGV / Light Goods / Bus / Coach / Trailers

IRTEC is an independent on-site accreditation which assesses the competence of technicians working to maintain the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries.

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IRTEC Accreditation – 2-Day HGV Inspection Technician Training Course

The course is designed to train and prepare HGV Inspection technician to a standard where they can undertake the IRTEC HGV Inspection Technician assessment and gain the accredited 5-year IRTEC licence for the Inspection of HGV vehicles. Along with knowledge of the Good Vehicle Operators commitments to road safety.

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Roller Road Brake Testing Accreditation

The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness states that by 2025 there will be an expectation that operators will ensure that all safety inspections include Roller Road Brake Testing or EBPMS.