Safe loading of goods

Load securing has become a major concern to regulators and enforcement bodies across Europe over the past three years and subsequently, has had significant consequences for the way in which the rules are enforced in Britain. The reason is that we are still causing death, injury and long traffic delays through poor loading practices.

Most of the incidents that take place off-road go unreported and those which occur on the road create massive tail-backs, generate huge frustration among all road-users, including other truck drivers and tarnish the reputation of the industry as a whole. The industry needs to improve its record.

The RHA is taking a lead role in ensuring appropriate enforcement both on road and on site, through extensive discussions with DVSA, HSE and the police. We have also stressed the responsibility in law of hauliers’ customers when they are loading trucks and pressed government to ensure enforcement.

The five golden rules to load security risk assessment:

  1. Can the load slide or topple forward or back?
  2. Can the load slide or topple off the side?
  3. Is the load unstable?
  4. Is load-securing equipment damaged or worn?
  5. Is there anything loose that might fall off?

Our comprehensive guide to safe loading: ‘Safe and Sound’ is available to download for members by logging in here.

Load Safe, Road Safe, available now at the RHA shop, is another excellent resource.

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