Role Profile - Regional Council Member

Role Profile - Regional Council Member

About Us

RHA is a member-led trade association which has been supporting people and businesses in the road transport industry since 1945. We offer a voice for our members to work with governments, policy makers, and local authorities across the UK on the issues most important to them. We campaign on a breadth of priorities including changes to legislation, rising fuel costs, better roadside facilities, and the transition to a Net Zero transport system.

Our 8,500 members range from hauliers to coach and van operators, and we offer them access to technical and professional services to help them comply with industry regulations and assist them in running their businesses efficiently. This also includes a wide range of accredited training programmes to help firms develop their teams and operations. We champion the highest standards in our industry and work hard to be the go-to organisation for driving business on our roads.

The Role

As a Regional Council representative, you are responsible for representing the interests of our members within a specific region. You need to have the ability to engage with the wider membership and a commitment to voicing concerns/views of the membership.

1. Representation

  • You must be a member of the RHA as defined in the Articles of Association.
  • To act as the primary advocate for RHA members within your designated region.
  • Where time permits, use your relationships with local government officials, regulatory bodies, and other relevant stakeholders in your region to represent the industry and RHA Members when requested to do so by the RHA.
  • Attend regional council meetings and RHA events to provide input on industry related matters.
  • Each Regional Council member  shall attend a minimum of four  meetings in a year,  with the exception of  the  Scotland & NI members who are expected to attend 3. Failing to meet this minimum  attendance will be  investigated by  the  Regional Chairperson and may be  deemed  as  resignation from the Council.
  • For any Regional Council member that is appointed Vice Chairperson, they will be required  to stand in for the Regional Council Chairperson in their absence and will be expected to  chair the meeting at least once in their term as Vice Chairperson (please see Regional  Chairperson Role Profile).

2. Member Engagement

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with RHA members  within  the region.Listen to members’ concerns, needs, and feedback and relay this information back to theRegional Council

3. Local Policies

  • Monitor legislative and regulatory developments at regional level that may impact the industry and assess the potential impact on the RHA and its members.

4. Communication

  • When requested to by the RHA and where time allows, to serve as a spokesperson for the RHA in your region on topics you feel are within your knowledge, providing media interviews and statements where necessary. The RHA media team will support you with any such requests.
  • The Declarations of Interest form at Appendix one must be completed prior to appointment

Key Skills and Requirements

The RHA Regional Council member will demonstrate the following qualities and experience:

  • Relevant and current business experience in an organisation
  • Knowledge of the haulage industry and/or the coach/van sectors and the key challenges
  • Passion for the organisation and the industry
  • Commitment to the RHA Code of Conduct (Appendix B)


Regional Council Members are  appointed for  an initial term of three years.
Appointments  are
subject  to the  provisions of  the Articles of Association.