More parking spaces, better facilities and stronger security.

Commercial vehicle drivers are the backbone of our economy. It is crucial that drivers have access to proper roadside facilities if they are to effectively carry out their critical role of keeping our supply chains moving.


The current provision of safe, secure parking and welfare facilities available to drivers is inadequate, with many forced to take their rest periods in their vehicles at the side of the road with no access to hygiene facilities. Nationally there is an estimated 11,000 shortage of lorry parking spaces. The lack of available facilities on our road network makes recruitment and retention of drivers much more difficult.  


Our driver facilities campaign aims to secure more lorry and coach parking, improve the overall standard of driver facilities, and highlight the importance of driver welfare and wellbeing.


We are also calling on the Government to work with industry to amend planning guidance as well as increase government funding to improve the number of safe and secure driver facilities and parking.  


Our key asks on driver facilities are: 

  • Reform of planning policies and the National Planning Policy Framework
  • Secure new freight crime category
  • Establish a UK Government taskforce to address the shortage of facilities
  • Ensure lorry parking is embedded in the next Road Investment Strategy
  • Develop a minimum standard for truck stop security
  • Increased investment in lorry parking
  • Development of National Freight Network and other Future of Freight strategy methods to improve facilities