Careers Week: Natalie MacDonald, FORs and Compliance Supervisor

Careers Week: Natalie MacDonald, FORs and Compliance Supervisor

We speak to Natalie, a FORs and Compliance Supervisor at RHA members C.S Ellis in the East Midlands, about her career so far and what she enjoys about working in logistics.

Could you tell us about the company you work for?
C.S Ellis is a family-owned business who are now in their fourth generation. Founded in 1933, the company has provided eight decades of service. We provide UK Pallet Distribution, a National Palletised Hazardous Delivery Service, European and International Freight Distribution, Commercial Warehousing, Export Packaging and Workshop and Recovery Breakdown Service. Not only does the company provide a quality service to its customers but we’re also dedicated to supporting our local community, charities, and events. 

Could you tell us about your job?
As the Compliance Supervisor it is part of my job and responsibilities to ensure we are compliant. I have a great relationship with the team in workshop who do an amazing job looking after our vehicles and ensuring they are roadworthy. It’s also part of my role to ensure our drivers are carrying out their responsibilities as professional drivers.

What does your average working day consist of?
No day is the same in the transport industry, I could be writing policy or procedures, monitoring our drivers tacho offences, booking driver CPC courses, analysing our insurance reports, and more. I do have certain things to do on set days such as KPI reports, drivers hours and tacho offences, driver training etc.

How did you get into the industry?
I got into the industry back in December 2015 starting my career in compliance whilst completing an apprenticeship scheme with a well-known haulage company. 

What skills do you need for your role?
For my role I would say the key skill to have is confidence as it comes with a lot of responsibility. I also need to remain thorough and up to date with any changes or new transport regulations and ensure it is communicated to the drivers and the rest of the team. 

What makes your role important?
If the company aren’t compliant then we simply cannot operate.

What kinds of tools do you use?
We use a wide variety of technologies and software but in my role one of the key software systems is R2C, which is an online platform we use for daily defect checks, storing vehicle documents and running reports. I also use our telematics system for tracking, reports and KPIS.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I’d say what I enjoy most is every day being different and some days I may have to deal with a situation I have never faced before, I am always learning something new. 

What advice do you have for people looking to start their career in logistics?
If you like a challenge, every day is different, so you’ll never be bored. When you are at school a career in logistics never comes to your mind but since I have started my career I have enjoyed it. I also recently sat and passed my Transport Managers CPC qualification, so I am excited to see what my career has to offer.



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