National Coach Week 2023

National Coach Week 2023

What is National Coach Week?

This year, National Coach Week is about celebrating everything that the coach industry brings us – in our own lives and in the country at large. Coaches play a vital role in tourism, intercity travel, school transport, sports, and accessing workplaces distant from public transport routes. As members of the public, we may not see coaches’ relevance to our own lives, but we are passionate about the experiences coaches bring us.

National Coach Week will aim to secure buy-in from politicians to help celebrate the unique role of coaches in public transport and the wider economy and establish the different needs of the coach industry to the bus industry and garner support for key policy priorities among political stakeholders.

What will National Coach Week involve?

Political engagement

We will invite MPs and local politicians to show their support for the industry on social media or by visiting their local coach operator.

RHA Manifesto for the Coach Industry

Here is our Manifesto for the Coach Industry setting out the top priorities for the coach industry will be promoted to complement our updated coach policy paper. It covers our asks on the driver shortage, net zero, facilities, international travel, infrastructure and cost pressures.

Parliamentary roundtable

Our list of policy priorities will be launched as part of a roundtable discussion to be held during National Coach Week and in Parliament, bringing together national and local politicians with an interest in the industry.

MP coach visits

We will engage with MPs offices, asking them to visit their local coach operator. 

How to get involved

You can help us to spread the word of National Coach Week. Please make sure to mention National Coach Week to everyone you speak to and like, share and comment on our social media posts.



Get involved

  • Promote our Manifesto for the Coach Industry.
  • Downloading the campaign packs: RHA Member Pack / Social Media Pack
  • Writing a blog for your website about National Coach Week, your successes, career journeys and reasons why you love working in the industry.
  • Recording a video showing of your appreciation for the sector and sharing it to social media.
  • Hosting events in your local community.
  • Telling your local newspapers and radio stations how you will be celebrating National Coach Week. 
  • Using the hashtag for the campaign on social media #NationalCoachWeek