Road Safety

Road Safety


Support for road safety is a core value of the RHA. 


The RHA is committed to the continuing effort to make the UK’s roads the safest they can be.  We believe all users need to operate on our road networks with care, consideration, and responsibility for the safety of themselves and other users, drivers and operators need to seek to minimise risks around using the roads.


Road safety is a shared responsibility for anyone who uses the road network, who loads or unloads a vehicle, purchases a freight service or maintains a vehicle. All have a role to play to keep the roads operating as reliably and safely as possible.


The RHA believes that comprehensive national and international rules around vehicle operating and driving standards the fundamental in supporting safer use of our roads. Long-term development of high quality, effective, safety orientated operation of freight services is a task the RHA is committed to.


This ongoing drive for safety improvement across all areas is strongly supported through:-


  • Training of drivers and Transport Managers.  (The RHA provides courses for the industry including Driver & Transport Manager CPC),
  • Providing operator compliance auditing designed to test and support processes that identify areas for improvement and shortcomings in vehicle and operational management,
  • Promoting the development of parking facilities to support the security and welfare of drivers,
  • Promotion and development of initiatives and regulations that have positive road safety impacts,
  • Support for safety focussed initiatives available to all that share good practice and enhance operator standards (such as Driving for Better Business, Earned Recognition and Truckers Toilets).
  • A range of materials freely available to drivers, operators, their customers.