Abnormal Loads: Independent economic research report

Abnormal Loads: Independent economic research report

10 Apr 2024 Posted By Richard Smith

We commissioned an independent economic research report along with the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, Heavy Transport Association, NCC, Hanson European Caravan Transport Ltd as part of our Abnormal Loads working group.

We brought the group together last year after hauliers told us that some police forces were enforcing different restrictions and varying enforcement practices on moving abnormal loads.

New independent economic research carried out by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) has for the first time found the total financial impact of increased bureaucracy on abnormal load movements to be an estimated £16.8m per annum.

◼ Increased requirements for notifications of movements have significantly increased financial and time costs for haulage firms. The need for additional staff time to handle the higher number of notifications produced and processed has led to substantial impacts on firms. Evidence suggests that these costs are being passed on to customers through higher prices, exacerbating the economic impact.

◼ The report also estimates that increased regulatory demands have led to reduced activity for hauliers, resulting in wasted time and decreased revenue with significant economic losses amounting to up to £171 million per annum.

◼ The environmental impact of extended journey lengths, as hauliers seek alternative routes to avoid problem areas, also results in additional carbon dioxide emissions.

◼ The knock-on effects to other parts of the economy include impacts on tourism, housing, manufacturing, and construction and more. The direct impacts on other industries include delayed project deliveries, as hauliers are restricted in moving vital loads.

We look forward to releasing the full report in the coming weeks and we continue to collaborate with our members, fellow trade bodies and stakeholders, and police on these issues.

We continue to seek certainty, clarity and continue to invest in this vital sector and ensure these loads are moved safely.

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