Autumn Statement – emissions linked rebate could stimulate demand for low-carbon fuels - RHA

Autumn Statement – emissions linked rebate could stimulate demand for low-carbon fuels - RHA

17 Nov 2023 Posted By Joe Scotting

The RHA is calling on the Government to introduce an emissions-linked rebate to encourage hauliers and coach operators to switch to low-carbon fuels.

A move to make low-carbon fuels such as HVO more cost effective could help the industry accelerate its decarbonisation journey. Whilst zero-emission technologies are developed, low-carbon fuels can help operators reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent.

Ahead of the Government’s Autumn Statement on Wednesday (22 November) the RHA urges the Chancellor to prioritise creating a tax and regulatory environment to encourage business investment.

The road freight and logistics sector is central to enabling our economic growth. Reduced activity, slowing demand and a reduction in road freight volumes of 10% are a significant concern as are increasing business failures.

Crude oil prices are likely to remain high for some time which means continued high diesel prices adding further pressure on commercial vehicle operators.

Decisions at the upcoming Autumn Statement loom large for our industry and we are calling on the Treasury to support the sector through the following measures:

  • increase the heavy vehicle mechanic apprenticeships funding band to £23,000. This could incentivise training providers to run much-needed programmes amid a growing shortage of mechanics.

  • Reforming the Apprenticeship Levy into a more flexible Skills Levy for apprenticeships and approved vocational courses such as skills bootcamps would help plug skills gaps in the industry.

  • Planning reforms including the National Planning Policy Framework to be strengthened to make it easier to secure planning permission for much-needed new lorry parking facilities.

  • Funding for lorry parking should be ring-fenced and a cross-departmental taskforce established to review existing facilities with industry and other stakeholders to develop long-term solutions.

Director of Public Affairs & Policy ‑ England  Declan Pang, said:

“Moving people and goods is a fundamental building block for the economy and society – it’s the core enabler of all economic activity.

“Hauliers and coach operators need consistent laws and regulations that allow the sector to work and invest in a predictable way so they can continue to deliver for us all.”

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