A new way of working – RHA Environment Campaign launches 3 March 

Our RHA Environment Campaign will feature the ‘business as usual’ work we already do but with defined goals to focus our efforts to lead the way towards Net Zero. We will work with RHA members, local and national political leaders, governments, manufacturers, trade bodies and the wider industry to facilitate discussions and broker solutions that allow our members to invest with confidence in the new technologies necessary to drive down emissions. 


What we’re aiming to achieve with the RHA Environment Campaign

We’ve set out three aims:

  1. Champion the move towards net zero vehicles and technology
  2. Help our members make the journey towards net zero
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint

We’re supporting these efforts through a number of initiatives that will evolve over the months ahead.


How you can help

We are asking every RHA member to help in the following ways:

1. Share the campaign animation (Download) and content on your social media channels – on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – using the hashtag #RHAenvironment and encourage your employees to share on theirs

Suggested tweet:

We’re supporting @RHAnews environment campaign on the journey to #NetZero #RHAenvironment

You can also download the RHA Environment Campaign Member Pack from our website (Download)

2. Share any news, photos, and content with us about changes to your vehicle fleets and any actions you are taking to reduce environmental impact.

3. Write to your local political representatives to ask them to visit your premises and share content on their social media channels; also tagging them into social media content so they can immediately like/share news. If you would like a template letter to write to your MP, please email: [email protected].

4. Send in your views, suggestions, and feedback to your area manager, or email: [email protected]. Ideas could include: stakeholders and organisations we should involve in the campaign, events we should attend, key public figures or influencers we should talk to.

Download the briefing pack here

The campaign will:

  • Champion the move towards net zero vehicles and technology
  • Help our members make the journey towards net zero
  • Reduce our carbon footprint


The campaign will support the 6 pillars of RHA’s strategy, promoting us as the go-to organisation for driving business on our roads:

  • Membership - create a highly engaged membership, telling our members’ stories across all 4 nations and across all 3 membership categories.
  • People – engaging our workforce, showcasing their talent, developing skills.
  • Business Growth – increase RHA’s presence, leading to new opportunities to generate growth
  • Brand & Campaigning – increase our brand value
  • Public Affairs & Policy – broaden and deepen our influence with decision makers
  • Finance – contribute to increasing our bottom line