LGV Operators Licence Compliance Audit

LGV Operators Licence Compliance Audit

The RHA LGV Operators Licence Compliance Audit is designed to measure the performance of your systems and procedures against the legal undertakings listed on your operators licence and the best practice measures applied to the industry. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings, together with easy to understand guidance on how to deal with any shortcomings we identify and make ongoing support available to help you implement any necessary improvements.

Many operators send their completed report to the Traffic Commissioner to demonstrate their compliance but many also use the report for the peace of mind in knowing their policies and procedures comply with the wide range of legislation and best practice that applies to an operators licence holder.

The audit can be completed remotely using a secure document drop box due to the ongoing Covid restrictions. 

The audit includes:

  • The Operator’s Licence – details on the licence, the type of licence, conditions attached and vehicle inspection intervals etc.
  • Maintenance arrangement and facilities – are systems in place which align with the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness?  This can include defect reporting; rectification records; brake testing; tyre age checks etc.
  • Management controls for EU Drivers’ Hours and Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations – are procedures in place to ensure tachograph records are checked and infringements are dealt with etc?
  • Operational issues such as driving licences and bridge strikes– are driving licence checks carried out regularly and are there procedures in place to prevent bridge strikes etc?
  • Insurance requirements and supplier contracts – are there current and valid insurance certificates for motor vehicles, employer’s and public liability etc.
  • Employment matters including contracts of employment – is an up-to-date job application form being used; are driver licence and qualifications confirmed; are agency drivers being checked and have written T&Cs of employment been issued?
  • Health and Safety – does the company have a written health and safety policy, procedures and risk assessments in place?