Customs Solutions

Customs Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We have developed practical customs brokerage solutions to give your business the tools it needs to continue transporting goods to the EU and stay compliant in 2021 and beyond. We have two solutions, both of which have been developed to put the needs of hauliers and their customers first.

What can you do through our services?

There are two solutions we offer, the Managed Brokerage Service and the Online Brokerage Service.

Through these services you can complete the following:

  • UK Import and Export Declarations
  • IE Import and Export Declarations
  • EU Safety and Security Declarations
  • TIR
    • Need to be an RHA Member
    • Vehicles GV60 approved (or in the process of)
    • Financial guarantee in place (or in the process of)


We can also complete for you your Port Passes such as GVMS, PBN, Port Base and Logistics Envelope.

We are working into adding additional services so please contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

Managed Brokerage Service

Taking the risk out of RoRo declarations with our fully managed telephone service, our customs brokerage experts will work with you to ensure that your customs declarations needs are met; keeping you compliant and reducing the burden of extra paperwork.

RHA expert support

We know how hard the logistics sector works and we are here to help. The RHA’s team of experts are available to keep your declarations compliant and on time.

An industry solution

We know the pressures facing haulage and logistics businesses and we have designed this service with these needs in mind. We represent the industry and we have worked with government on behalf of the sector throughout the customs changes process. We have put this knowledge into practice to develop an industry-leading and best practice customs brokerage service.

  • A managed service to ensure your RoRo declarations can be completed in a way that suits you. On your behalf, we will advise what data requirements will be needed and when, so that we can enter correct information needed to create declarations and be border ready
  • Full support for your business and your clients. We ensure you can keep goods moving and stay compliant
  • Our experienced management takes the risk and time demands out of the customs declarations process

Online Brokerage Service

The ideal solution for RoRo.

Our web-based service is a flexible and robust solution for simple RoRo customs declarations. For hauliers sending goods to the EU, we put compliance in your hands. The service is easy to use and intuitive; we provide full training and an onboarding process to ensure that both hauliers and their clients have everything in place to keep goods moving.

Saving you and your clients time and money

The benefit of web-based declarations is that simple customs procedures can be integrated into your own working day without reliance on third parties, to ensure you stay compliant and at an economical price point.

Full support from the RHA

At the RHA we understand the challenges the industry faces to comply with new customs regulations. We are here to help and we have launched this service specifically for hauliers; our fully online system allows the logistics industry to gain control of customs compliance.

  • Simple onboarding process to cover grouping loads, Safety and Security Declarations (SSDs), Goods Movement Reference Numbers (GMRs) and Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS).
  • Easy to use system which allows you to give logins for your traders.
  • Scalable system able to cope with all of your RoRo declaration requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact our team:

Online Brokerage Service

  • Simple onboarding process
  • Easy to use system
  • Scalable system able to cope with all of your RoRo declaration requirements