Customs Traders

Customs Traders

New customs procedures are in place for those transporting goods between GB and the EU that require collaboration between traders and logistics suppliers. RHA Customs Brokerage are perfectly positioned to help your business do this. Our team combines both extensive customs and border experience with expertise in logistics and haulage. 

We Offer two kinds of service. Our online service and managed services allow traders and hauliers fully compliant access to every Ro-Ro port in the UK.  

We Created this service with an in-depth knowledge of the operational relationship between the haulier and trader and we have been developed this service to allow seamless integration into existing working practices either with management by RHA customs experts or online by a member of your own team. 

  • Fully compliant access and badges for every UK RoRo port. 
  • Managed service allowing us to provide your logistics and supply chain partners all they need to keep your good moving. 
  • Online Service to allow you to manage your own import and exports 7 days a week.

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