A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far

According to Network Rail, each day there are 5 bridge strikes involving large goods or passenger vehicles across the UK. Did you know if it is your vehicle involved in a bridge strike, you will be called to a hearing before the Traffic Commissioner and you will face regulatory action against your Operator’s Licence. The driver of the vehicle involved will also be called to a hearing and risks the revocation of their vocational entitlement and disqualification for 6 months. If your answer to the above is hesitant then why not put the brakes on and join our e-training. This bitesized course focuses on the Traffic Commissioners expectations, roller brake testing, laden tests and understanding the printouts.

So, what are operators and transport managers required to do to prevent bridge strikes?

Join us to discover what bridge strikes mean in practice for you, your drivers and your compliance management systems, and the implications of getting it wrong.

The training will cover:

- The national picture (according to Network Rail)
- Why do bridge strikes happen?
- Consequences of a bridge strike
- Bridge strikes and the Traffic Commissioners
- What to do in the event of a bridge strike
- How to prevent bridge strikes
- FAQs


  • Standard Price: £50.00+ VAT 
  • Course duration: 1 1/2 Hours

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