Driving Safe & Saving Fuel / Safe Maneuvering

Driving Safe & Saving Fuel / Safe Maneuvering

Experience Driving in a Truck Simulator with classroom subjects to enable Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving and Safe Maneuvering.                 

Course Content

Driver Simulator Training, with classroom subjects including

  • Fitness to Drive, Health, Tiredness and Stress
  • Concentration: Alcohol, Drugs and Driving Distractions
  • Observation: Eyesight scanning techniques
  • Anticipation: All road users
  • Space and Time: Defensive Driving
  • Pre-use Checks: Vehicle Walkaround Checks and discussion
  • Coast: Fuel Efficient Driving, benefits, Safe Driving
  • Recognizing Hazards: Pedestrians, and Vehicles
  • Driving Simulator: Yard Maneuvering, Blind Spots and Banksman
  • Driving Simulator: Tyre Management, dealing with an incident.
  • Driving Simulator: Safely Maneuvering, Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving


  • Member Price: £75.00 + VAT 
  • Non Member: Price: £85.00 + VAT

Duration: 7 Hours, Default time 09:00 -17:00

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