Vocational Driver Licence Courses


Those learning to drive any vehicle heavier than a car (3.5 tonnes) will require a Vocational Driving licence. To gain this, it will be necessary to work out from the candidate when they passed their car driving test and what licence categories they currently hold.


There are different routes for each potential driver to take to become qualified, in the main there are only two types of learners


1.         Those upgrading a car licence to a Vocational Licence.

2.         Those upgrading a Vocational Licence to a different category.


Those in the first group will need to apply for a provisional licence and complete some form of Theory Test before they start their practical training. Those in the second group will, in most cases, have the provisional entitlement already and will be able to progress directly to their practical training.


It is important to know what category the trainee driver is looking to achieve and what route is best for them to take, to help you the various categories are listed below. The route for most new drivers however will look something like this.


1.      Get Provisional Licence by applying to DVLA.

2.      Sit and Pass Module 1a & b Vocational Driver Theory and Hazard Perception Tests. *

3.      Sit and Pass Module 2 DCPC Theory Test.*

4.      Sit and Pass Module 3a Off Road Exercise Test.**

5.      Sit and Pass Module 3b On Road Driving Test.*

6.      Pass Module 4 Practical DCPC test. **


*Conducted at DVSA Theory and Practical Driving Test Centres.

**conducted at RHA approved test centres.