Instructor Materials Service

Instructor Materials Service

Everyone wants to deliver the best training, but how do you do that and still get on with the day job? One of the most time-consuming parts of any trainer’s job is the preparing of new and interesting materials for learners to enjoy.

Being creative is not something you can plan in advance, having an idea happens all of the time and by the time you get around to putting pen to paper the moment is lost, that’s where we come in. Let RHA deal with the design on your behalf, jot down those ideas, discuss with an expert and we will build your course ready for you to deliver, we will even provide the approval paperwork for DCPC if you need it.

Instructor Materials Service
Course Length: 1 Day 
Course Content: One to one design followed by client sign off and support.

An essential service for those trainers and instructors who do not have the time to create their own materials for Driver CPC and other training courses. Each course comprises a comprehensive disk with presentation, full tutor notes, application forms for DCPC (if needed), course template and documents to support the training being delivered. The service includes one-to-one tuition from your RHA Trainer to ensure a full understanding of the Subject matter and training materials prior to your own delivery of the content.

The training day allows us to tailor your course providing a complete solution for your presentation needs with the reassurance of RHA's quality in planning, preparation and delivering what you need when you need it.

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