Tell us about your experience with the RHA.

The RHA aims to exceed our customer expectations and deliver a good service all year round.

We want to make it easy to trade with us so if you have positive feedback, please share this with us. Conversely, if you have a formal complaint (which has not already been resolved), do let us know. 

Positive feedback

Good customer service and good customer experience is important to us. If you have had a good service or would like to feedback on a good experience with us, please let us know in the form below. We will feed back to the individual or team concerned so that good work is recognised. 


Please include the name/service you are writing about, your comments, and the outcome you are seeking. (if this is a complaint)


The Complaints Process:

  1. The RHA aims to provide the highest standards both in terms of service and product quality. Any complaints we receive will help us improve our services, processes and sourcing of products.
  2. We treat a complaint to be a formal expression of dissatisfaction about an RHA service or product. If you have previously notified us of the issue and need to escalate it to a complaint, please use this complaints process. 
  3. Complaints should be made by filling in the complaint form or post to the Peterborough office (Roadway House, Bretton Way, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8DD) for the attention of the complaints officer. 
  4. Complaints should be made as soon as possible and must be made within 6 months of the event. RHA will acknowledge the complaint within 7 working days and respond to the complaint within 30 working days. Complaints should contain as much detail as possible to enable the investigating officer to consider it thoroughly.  We are committed to resolving complaints as soon as possible so in the case of straightforward complaints, it may be possible for the RHA to respond within a week. Complaints that are of a more complex nature may take more time to investigate.
  5. If a complaint is for a business partner service, RHA will engage the supplier in the complaint. The business partner will conduct their own investigations and, together with the RHA, respond within 40 working days.
  6. If a complaint falls within the following 2 categories, there will be a separate complaint process to follow:
    1. General Training department complaints- Procedure for nonconformity and corrective action. This policy supports the ISO9001 certification. A copy of this is available on request.
    2. When complaints are about Endpoint Assessment, Driver CPC, OCR or CILT examinations- Complaints policy and procedure will apply. A copy of this is available on request.
  7. If a complaint is complex or needs extra investigation time, the RHA will write to the complainant to advise that it may exceed the 30 or 40 day target. 
  8. All complaints are recorded and may form quality improvement plans.   
  9. All complaints will be treated in confidence and will only be discussed with the business partners involved.
  10. All complaints are reviewed to ensure that we cultivate an environment of continuous improvement.