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Wednesday 01 April 2020
until Thursday 01 April 2021

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These will obviously cover the current situation and the necessary procedures regarding the current pandemic, along with updates on operator compliance and best practice measures.

Ideally suited for those at the operational coalface and those with the TM Statutory obligations.

All webinars will begin at 11am and last for approximately 30 minutes.We look forward to seeing you on-line!



Sample TMCPC Training Session


Redundancy - an overview (Laura Smith, RHA Legal Services)
09.07.2020 Summer Industry Update (Darren Lomax)


More Drugs than Drink on our roads (Ean Lewin and Daniel Jones)


Cashflow Support for Hauliers (Ian Jenkinson, Direct Route)
21.07.2020 Help your drivers eradicate distracted driving (Jade Turner, LYTX)


Work Smarter. Not harder!  Hear how intelligent load-matching has the potential to increase profits.  (Philip Martin & Martin Robinson)

28.07.2020 DVSA Earned Recognition (Phil Breen, DVSA)
30.07.2020 M6 Toll (Microlise)
04.08.2020 D4Drivers (D4 Drivers)
04.08.2020 Direct Insurance (Paul Beck)


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All webinars will begin at 11am and last for approximately 30 minutes

Book your place here