RHA National Lorry Week

Announcing the winner!

The winner of the inaugural RHA National Lorry Week sticker competition is Craig Ward, who wins £1000 worth of vouchers. Well done and congratulations!

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A feature event of RHA National Lorry Week was a successful reception in the Terrace Pavilion at Westminster, for MPs and ministers.

Through personal invitation from RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, and appeals from members nationwide to their individual MPs, over 50 MPs attended the reception.

Moreover, attending MPs signed the RHA's proposed pledge: that they would pursue funding for the industry and that HGV apprenticeships be included in the new programme. 

And, as a realistic demonstration of the skills required of an HGV driver, they were put through their paces on an HGV-driving simulator - see MP Rob Flello take the wheel

See what other MPs had to say:

MP Richard Burden                                                                             

MP Stewart McDonald

MP Calum Kerr

MP Richard Arkless

MP Jason McCartney

MP David Mackintosh                                                                                      


Announcing the first-ever RHA National Lorry Week!

Lorries quite literally move the UK economy. But, due to driver shortage, that movement is threatened.

To emphasise the importance of the road haulage industry, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) staged its inaugural national awareness campaign, RHA National Lorry Week, from the 26-31 October 2015. The theme of the campaign is to Love the Lorry. Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA explains why:


85% of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry. This contributes £74.5bn to the UK economy. But more drivers are desperately needed. That could be YOU!

Did you know?

Each year, lorries carry enough beer to fill Wembley stadium. In one supermarket delivery, a single 44-tonne lorry carries the equivalent volume of 400 cars of food.

The road haulage industry makes your world turn - so why not become a part of it?

RHA National Lorry Week provided the public, the government and potential future HGV heroes with the opportunity to appreciate the lorry. UK hauliers opened their doors and invited visitors to get up close and personal with a lorry; meet operators and drivers and hear their stories; learn about a career as an HGV driver and other industry-related jobs, and find out what our industry is doing to reduce its impact on the environment.

Could you be inspired to become an HGV Hero?

Our RHA-sponsored BTCC racing car driver, Tom Ingram, was inspired to do so. After hearing about the driver shortage, combined with the vitality of the road haulage industry, Tom went through the process of training to become a professional HGV driver. The RHA has even created a TV documentary about Tom’s successful progress. The documentary demonstrates the high level of skill required to become an HGV driver. So if you like a challenge, it may be just what you need! Sign up here for more information.

Richard Burnett comments:

The British public should be proud of its haulage industry. Hauliers work hard, are efficient and innovative.

Driving is an excellent career opportunity that must be appreciated.

Be a part of the next RHA National Lorry Week to help make this happen!