She's RHA

She's RHA mission statement: To support, encourage and empower a network of industry individuals of all ages and skill sets to create and promote a diverse and inclusive transport community.


She's RHA Aims: Shes-RHA.png

To create a truly inclusive culture within the road transport industry by developing a nationwide network of people of all industry occupations to support, empower, inspire, promote talent and enable career progression.

To identify and develop ambassadors to work with the RHA on industry issues to become role models to go out into the wider community to celebrate and promote the sector’s job opportunities to people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and denomination, resulting in a multitalented and multi-cultural workforce, resulting in the removal of the male stereotype perception by equalizing the demographics of our teams.


She's RHA Objectives: 

  • To increase the female representation at RHA Regional Council and Board to a minimum of 30% within 3 years
  • To link with other groups and organisations to share best practice about promoting inclusion and diversity
  • To work with the APPG on Women in Transport to attract more women to the industry
  • To provide a guidance checklist for RHA members to promote inclusivity within their businesses, leading to a more diverse workforce
  • To provide a network of ambassadors who are both willing and able to speak in local schools/colleges/events to promote the transport industry
  • To include diversity and inclusion at all RHA events
  • To develop a network of role models to offer support and encouragement those already working within (or wishing to enter) the industry.
  • To develop a network of champions to support She’s RHA
  • To have a champion at Board level to support the work of She’s RHA.


Did you know?

  • Women comprise less than 8% of the transport and logistics workforce
  • Less than 2% of HGV drivers are women
  • Statistics show that more diverse workforces outperform those with gender/culture imbalance
  • Research suggests that having 3 or more women at Board level changes business cultures, creating greater scrutiny, inclusion and collaboration
  • The transport industry needs to employ an additional 1.2 million people by 2022
  • By 2020 60% of graduates will be women


Who are we?

She’s RHA is a group of likeminded individuals of every age, skillset and stage in their career. By empowering, inspiring and encouraging one another, She’s RHA members seek to promote talent from within to reach full potential, improving inclusivity and creating more demographic and dynamic teams.

By speaking in schools and colleges and educating children from a young age about the world of transport and logistics and promoting our industry as the career of choice.  She’s RHA role models are already reaching out to the wider community to educate and change the male stereotype perception

The current skills shortage will only worsen if we as an industry do not take steps to market and promote the various and exciting career paths available.  We can only attract and reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce if we ourselves change and embrace these values.

She’s RHA represents the voice of diversity and creates an inclusive culture in transport




How can you get involved?

  • Join She's RHA here
  • Find out more by signing up to the She’s RHA campaign, receive details of events and keep up to date on what’s happening –
  • Join and contribute to our Facebook page – Join the She's RHA Facebook here
  • Host an event – e-mail us
  • Tell us your story.  These are posted on to the She’s RHA section of the RHA website and are used to encourage and inspire others into a career in transport
  • Do you see yourself as an RHA champion? If so, and tell us how you are supporting the development of women in your company
  • Speakers – we are looking for inspirational speakers to speak at events.  Contact us