She's RHA

The contribution of women in haulage is often unseen. Unlike many industries, haulage remains a male-dominated environment. Statistically, only 1% of the HGV driver population are women - and those in other roles within haulage are indubitably poorly represented.


On the other hand, government statistics* show that by 2022, the industry needs to recruit 1.2 million more people. We believe that recruiting more women is the answer.

The RHA believes that only through better representation of women within haulage will more women outside want to join the industry. The haulage industry needs to publicise that women are invited; women are welcomed.

To this end, the RHA has launched a new campaign, She’s RHA.

She’s RHA is about celebrating women in haulage by providing a platform where women can reconnect and empower themselves. It will consist of networking events, mentoring programmes, and publicising of women in the sector.

The initiative will enjoy regular coverage in Roadway, giving members new opportunities to shine a light on the women in their business, and introduce them to their rightful spotlight. Look out for a range of exclusive She's RHA in forthcoming issues of the magazine.




Get involved

We'd love to hear from you - we want your ideas, feedback and input on how to champion our industry's women. Sign up for She’s RHA event invitations and communications here.

“Understanding skills and performance challenges in the logistics sector” UK Commission for Employment Skills, 6 October 2014