RHA Membership

The RHA is the only UK trade association dedicated to companies who move freight by road.

Better together

Trucks carry 90% of the UK’s freight. They are essential to the UK economy - and that must be recognised. We are proud to have a road haulage profession that is efficient, responsive and perhaps the safest in Europe. The RHA aims to ensure it stays that way. Haulage operations are perennial targets for high taxes, more regulation and controls. As a member of the RHA you will not only enjoy the superb range of benefits and services we offer, by swelling our numbers you will be helping us to lead the industry to a better future. This can only be achieved by increasing our political and media influence; key to getting the wins and recognition our industry so desperately needs. As an industry we work better together.

Who should be a member?

If you own or operate goods carrying vehicles – including vans - provide trailers or containers, lease or hire their goods-carrying commercial vehicles to logistics operators, run a freight forwarding business or transport clearing house or a recovery operation you can access all the benefits and services of RHA main membership.

Industry suppliers

There are three levels of associate membership so there is an option to suit all. Exclusive member benefits are included with many add-on features. Discounts are also available, enabling you to tailor your membership to your needs.

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