Conditions of Carriage

The RHA's Conditions of Carriage are available for exclusive use by members. By using the RHA's Conditions correctly, you limit your liability for the goods you carry under Common Law. A number of sector specific conditions such as: skip hire, bulk liquids, livestock, storage, caravan haulage, and abnormal indivisible loads are also provided by the RHA.

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Updated for 2020, the RHA Conditions are recognised as the industry standard. Only fully paid up members of the Road Haulage Association can legally use RHA Conditions of Carriage.

If you do not use conditions of carriage correctly; under Common Law you can be held responsible for the full value of a load, irrespective of the value placed on the load by the customer. You can also be held responsible for consequential losses arising from non-delivery or damaged delivery.

Older conditions remain valid until you advise your customers that you intend to trade subject to the new conditions. We recommend that you start trading as soon as possible under the new conditions to benefit from the changes that have been made. See: "How to use the Conditions".

You must also inform your insurer or broker and secure any necessary adjustments to existing insurance covers.

RHA members should email with their membership number to access a copy of the updated 2020 RHA Conditions of Carriage.