RHA Training Strategy Forum

The Training Strategy Forum provides a platform for RHA Members to discuss and evolve the RHA’s Training strategy for our sector.

The role of the Forum is to quantify, promote and maintain professional training standards in the industry, and be the “voice” of the RHA in all training matters.

To fulfil this role, the forum identifies and influences the skills and knowledge required while quantifying the training necessary to instil those attributes. Current members include Owners, Directors and Senior Managers from member organisations who provide training, either for their own staff or commercially, and who champion the benefits of quality training programmes.

There is no subscription for membership of the Forum and meetings are held every 3 months. Communication between Forum members and updates on progress of matters in hand continue between meetings via e mail. Membership of the Forum reflects the wide range of company type and size in RHA membership.

For further information, please contact Tom Cotton at t.cotton@rha.uk.net