RHA Messenger 12 April

12th April 2017

RHA responds to TfL on Direct Vision

As highlighted a couple of Messengers ago, TfL proposes to impose a “Direct Vision Standard” on UK HGVs entering London from 2020. As previously alerted, TfL advises that half the HGV fleet that enters London today will be banned by 2024. This includes new Euro VI vehicles you may be ordering today.

TfL is “consulting” on this proposal until the 18th April. We urge members to respond.

The RHA responded to the online survey last Friday. We have raised a number of serious issues in our survey response as we feel the TfL proposal is ill-thought through, fails to provide the information it should have provided, and fails to consider or compare the plan against other road safety interventions. Our response is available HERE.

The RHA press release can be found HERE.

Members can also share their views (please politely focus on how changes will impact your business) with the Mayor HERE and if you are based in London, with London Assembly Members HERE


DVSA five-year strategy

DVSA’s new five-year strategy and its business plan for 2017-2017 have been published.

Key sections from the strategy include “making sure companies understand the standards they must meet to apply for a vehicle operator licence, and those who can’t prove they meet the standards aren’t given a licence”. The RHA has called for all operators to be audited, as a means of improving road safety and ensuring regulatory standards are being met.

Notably, there is no reference to the traffic commissioners in either the strategy or the business plan.

DVSA says “it will make sure that companies who prove they have excellent safety standards will see lower costs and other commercial advantages”.

It will “look into the case for allowing exemplary commercial vehicle operators to test their own vehicles” says the strategy. We requested clarification and urged the government to get on with ending the out-dated DVSA civil servants’ monopoly of testing and allow the private sector to test, within a system of high quality regulation.

Read more HERE and HERE.


LSTs save one in 19

Longer semi-trailers look to be saving one in 19 journeys compared with regular semi-trailers on average, and all the evidence to date indicates that the LSTs on trial are operating as safely as standard length semi-trailers. They have saved 75-90,000 journeys and 10 million lorry kms, Lord Ahmad said in a written statement.

Ahmad was responding to a question from Lord Bradshaw, the Liberal Democrat’s transport spokesman in the Lords.


Fleet toilets re-opened to HGVs

Toilets at Fleet services southbound have been re-opened to HGV drivers, apparently as the result of a protest to the Department for Transport by the RHA. We had questioned the legal basis of the ban and said that greater effort needed to be made to ensure that lorry drivers as well as motorists could call at the services to use the toilets, without compromising safety.

The toilets were to be closed to HGVs for 12 months, during rebuilding following a fire at the site.

HGVs can now also buy fuel at Fleet southbound.


Crossrail’s last course

Crossrail has run its last 7-hr Driver induction course.  In future, it will accept the FORS Urban Driving course to meet their criteria for delivering to Crossrail sites:

The RHA has for several years published a Crossrail-compliant list of members, available HERE.


Counter-terrorism advice

Police in London have joined together to set up a new Twitter feed to provide protective security information and advice. Follow and retweet posts from @LondonProtect.

The police urge transport and other businesses to:

• Review your security and identify where your vulnerabilities are.

• Consider the installation of CCTV and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, (if appropriate).

• Ensure that your CCTV is working correctly, that the images recorded are, of a good quality, and   are able to be provided to the police to assist a criminal investigation.

• Review your response and recovery plans.

• Test and exercise your plans.

• Make sure that your business can respond and has a continuity plan.

• Ensure that your staff know how and are encouraged to report suspicious activity.

• Ensure security and front of house staff attend a Project Griffin CT Awareness presentation and managers attend an Operation Argus table top exercise.

See also the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website: www.NaCTSO.gov.uk

The RHA Security Forum has worked with the police to provide specialist advice.

Any comments to Forum secretary Chrys Rampley at c.rampley@rha.uk.net

Read the London Regional Counter Terrorism Protective Security Update HERE.


Police tweet of the week

HGV off the road for No tax, No insurance and driver was wanted! #S9410 pic.twitter.com/1DN4LUwPNP