RHA Messenger 28 June

28th June 2017

HMRC meets RHA on allowance options

HMRC is to meet the RHA and will fully discuss alternatives to the current requirement on firms to carry out random checks on receipts relating to the overnight allowance.  The assurance came this week in a letter from Mel Stride, the new financial secretary to the Treasury, who is also MP for Central Devon.

The RHA has put forward practical alternatives that would work for the industry and should, we believe, be acceptable to HMRC.

The meeting is a significant step forward but no guarantee of success. We urge members to make their views known to their MPs. We are also seeking further evidence of the disruption caused, to make our case as strongly as possible. We have drafted a response to HM Treasury’s call for evidence on employee expenses.

Members interested in this area or with feedback should contact Jack Semple at j.semple@rha.uk.net


DVSA cracks down on emission cheats

DVSA will shortly start checking lorries to see if they have been modified in a way that cheats emissions regulations, including changes to the engine management system.

Enforcement officers will give the driver and operator ten days to fix the emissions system if they find a vehicle with tampered emissions readings. If the emissions system isn’t fixed within 10 days, DVSA will issue a fine and stop the vehicle being used on the road.

They will be able to take the vehicle off the road immediately if they find a driver or operator is repeatedly offending.

The RHA has welcomed this first step but said vans and cars must also be targeted. Also, we have re-stated out view that the law needs to make it an offence to supply defeat devices and software.

Feedback welcome: campaigning@rha.uk.net

DVSA press release can be seen HERE.


Trailers - register or not?

We are seeking members’ views on whether trailers should be registered.

UK trailers are not registered. In recent years non-UK operators towing UK trailers in some parts of the EU have been fined for not having trailers registered.

There is also a Brexit issue coming - there may well be a case for having trailers registered so ANPR can be used to identify them as they transit through ports, so customs have some certainty over what is crossing the border if they know in advance what is loaded in that trailer.

There is also the issue of trailer theft – members, and the police, have expressed the view that trailer registration helps to track and recover stolen trailers.

Given that these issues are live, we would like feedback from members about what you think about trailer registration. Options to think about: No change (there is a voluntary "certificate of keeper" scheme now), or compulsory registration – only for trailers moving internationally, or compulsory registration of all trailers.

An option might be to require registration for new trailers only - how would you feel if that approach was adopted?

Please feedback you views and opinions to d.buchanan@rha.uk.net


London Mayor’s new transport strategy published

The London mayor’s long-term transport strategy has been published. On the positive side, it recognises the vital importance of goods vehicles to London.

Speaking on ITN South-east, director of policy Jack Semple said that lorries are good for London and must be able to operate efficiently. Trucks (and buses) are already leading the way in terms of ultra-low emissions in the real world.

We will be responding to the lengthy strategy document and comments are welcome.

More information HERE.


Employment status in road haulage

The RHA had a very positive meeting with HMRC on the issue of employment status in the road haulage industry. We reviewed progress to date, which has been significant, and had a productive discussion on how to take that forward.