RHA Messenger 16 August

16th August 2017

Brexit transition period needed says RHA

The Government has announced two propositions for Brexit transition.

Firstly, the Government proposes an “interim period” after Brexit with a temporary customs union with the EU. This would seek to maintain current systems across EU UK borders for a time limited period only while new customs arrangements are put in place. This is along the lines of the proposal the RHA made earlier in the year.

Secondly, the Government has outlined two proposals for how customs formalities could work after the “interim period” ends – these proposals are designed to stimulate discussion during negotiations with the Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Member States.

Nothing in the propositions is certain as all matters are subject to negotiation, the RHA has cautiously welcomed the approach. Our press statement is available here.

The proposal for an interim period is encouraging and in line with the RHA position – as reported in messenger in June, available here.


The border between Northern/Republic of Ireland

What is the future of the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland border? The RHA wants to see a fluid border that allows total freedom for freight vehicles to move over the border without intervention.

Comments from Rod McKenzie are available here.


Driver CPC Periodic Training On Target

DVSA indicates that Driver CPC Periodic Training is on track as we pass two and half years into the current five year driver qualification period.

Driver CPC will not be withdrawn on exit to the EU - it will be transferred into UK Legislation and of course anyone operating internationally will still require a Driver Qualification Card in Europe.

Colin Snape, Deputy Policy Director said “Hauliers are encouraged to continue with Driver CPC training so that they are not subjected to delays in mid-2019. This occurred during the last period when the training bottleneck was a problem for drivers and companies, that needs to be avoided”.

“This is very encouraging progress and indicates that the work we have been doing to promote the sector, increase skills and make it a better place to work is having an impact.”


Distracted Drivers In the news again

Last week in messenger we highlighted that more than 200 drivers a day are caught using smart phones. The issue of distracted drivers hit the press again this week – this time we are hit with stories of HGV drivers reading, eating (with cutlery) and using smart devices while driving.

This type of report impacts on the reputation of the sector.  RHA comments can be found here..


Migrant vehicle break in problems getting worse again

Migrants attempting to enter vehicles are on the increase again. There have been reports of aggressive approaches well away from Calais – as far away as Spain. Extreme vigilance is required to make things as safe as possible for drivers entering the UK. Stopping as far away from Calais and the Channel Tunnel on the run in is recommended – but do bear in mind the issue of attempted entry into vehicles can happen hundreds of miles away.

The RHA is calling authorities to provide greater protection of drivers in particular in northern France and Belgium.

The RHA does share intelligence with Border Force and we encourage all members to alert us on any issues experienced through Heather Wallace at h.wallace@rha.uk.net