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13th September 2017


New Overnight Allowance Guide


After the RHA successfully negotiated a deal with HMRC, new guidance on operating overnight allowances has been published by both HMRC and the RHA.

The HMRC guidance was created with the RHA to help operators and drivers use the system that had fallen into confusion and uncertainty. The guidance will also be used within HMRC to ensure consistency of advice given by HMRC itself. Important clarifications have been made about the obligations drivers and operators must meet. 

The RHA question and answer guide supplements the HMRC guidance with extra information targeting the questions we have received in the past from members. Our Q&A is available here.


Have You Seen the Leaked Home Office Document? 


The Home Office leaked post-Brexit immigration document could have devastating effect on the logistics sector.

This document has the potential to cause havoc to an industry already under an extreme labour shortage.
It suggests that low-skilled EU workers will only be allowed to remain in the UK for two years, and that is if they pass the much stricter rules of entry.

Our sector is already struggling with a driver shortage of some 45,000 drivers.  A quarter of the warehousing sector is made up of EU nationals and there are close to 60,000 EU LGV drivers that would be affected. Skilled workers are being allowed to remain for three to five years.

The RHA calls for any decision made on immigration to be one that does not discriminate against those with lower skills levels and that we have a competent workforce to enable our sector to function reliably in the future.


How to Get Prepared For Brexit


At the Autumn Conference last week RHA Policy Director Duncan Buchanan highlighted the great uncertainty that exists for the road haulage sector as a result of Brexit. Much work is going on with Government departments on customs and other issues, but many members are now asking about what they need to do to prepare.

At the conference two key areas were highlighted where operators should start thinking about action to prepare for Brexit.

Firstly, labour. Members needs to think about how to step up training over the next 18 months. The RHA will be pushing Government for more flexible approaches for the use of the Apprenticeship Levy that fits better with the industries needs in preparation for Brexit.

Secondly, accountability for delays. The RHA is urging members to consider how costs arising from Brexit caused delays are shared between hauliers and customers. There is a risk that severe delays will arise in supply chains - it is vital that members protect themselves from being responsible for costs arising from those delays.


Join Autotrader on the Road to Diversity


Friday 15th September, 3.00-5.00pm
AutoTrader UK, Manchester

Join us for an afternoon of talks, designed to promote diversity in the workplace and provoke discussion on how we can create a more diverse haulage industry. Hosted by Auto Trader Trucks and The RHA, in Central Manchester. Come along to one of ‘Britain's coolest offices’ for drinks, nibbles and networking and some fantastic talks.

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Truck Cartel Dominates Headlines

Last year the European Commission fined five of the major truck manufacturers 2.9 billion Euros for colluding in a price-fixing cartel.

Read our latest press release here.

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